Live and Let Die. James Bond

Audiobook: Live and Let Die. James Bond


Ian Fleming




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    Live and Let Die. James Bond

    Live and Let Die. James Bond

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  • rok wydania: 2009
    ISBN 978-02307-3508-8
    fotmat: 13x20
    Producent: Macmillan Readers

    Level 5 intermediate

    Breathe, Solitare, breathe! Bond shouted, as they started to speed through the water once more. It must be after six o'clock now. Wat had happened to the mine?
    They were only about thirty yards from the reef now. now twenty... ten...
    Suddenly the breath was knocked from his body. Solitaire and Bond went right up out of the sea before falling back again. The sky lit up with thu huge explosion.

    In "Live and let die" Bond finds himself in Jamaica investigating the underworld criminal Mr Big. As usual, Bond gets caught up in many dangerous situations. He also falls in love with Mr Big's girlfriend, the mysterious and beautiful Solitare



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    Live and Let Die. James Bond

    Live and Let Die. James Bond

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