Photo Finish

Audiobook: Photo Finish


Polly Sweetnam


25 min.


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    Photo Finish

    Photo Finish

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  • rok wydania: 2009
    13x20 cm
    ISBN: 9-781-405-077-94-8
    Level: 1 started

    Lisa wants some passport photos. So she is in the old bus station. She is alone.

    Lisa is at the photo booth. She is waiting for her passport photos. There are some photos in the machine. Lisa looks at the pictures. But they are not Lisa's pictures. Something is wrong. Now Lisa is frightened.

    Photo finish is a story of a young women preparing for an enjoyable vacation overseas. While in the local bus station having her passport photos taken in a little booth she finds some photos of what appears to be a murder. Worried for her safety, she takes these photos to the police. The Police ask her for her help catching the murderer. Will she survive? Will she be able to go on her vacation safely?



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    Photo Finish

    Photo Finish

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